Special Event or Episodic Volunteers

Special Event or Episodic Volunteers provide non direct care on a sporadic or one-time basis either on-site or at an off-site event. Volunteer service may include the following:

  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Packet building
  • Filing
  • Assisting with special events
  • Haircutting (license required)

Commitment and Requirements:

  • Completion of Information/Contact Sheet
  • Review and sign policies including Confidentiality Agreement

If you are interested in becoming a Special Event/Episodic Assignment Volunteer, please contact our volunteer department.

Phone: 207-303-5037

Email: volunteer@hospiceofsouthernmaine.org

From Our Volunteers

“It was probably one of the most honest and non-judgmental relationships without expectations that I have ever been privileged to have. And it’s made me a much better person.” —Lora Larrivee