The Difference Between Grief and Depression

Bereavement is the unspecified period of time that follows the death of a significant person in your life — when someone you love dies, you become bereaved.

Grief is the naturally occurring response to the loss - the internal feelings that arise that cannot be wished away. Grief is not an event, but an ongoing process, unique to each individual. Normal grief can include feelings of overwhelming sadness, emptiness, anger, confusion and despair. The duration and intensity of grief is directly related to the depth of the love and connection I shared with the one who died. One can grieve without mourning.

Mourning is the outward manifestation and public expression of grief. It might include a funeral or memorial service, participating in healing rituals, and sharing the loss with others - whether individually or in a support group setting. It often includes crying and the ability to express many feelings of grief. Mourning facilitates the path towards healing and the ability to once again find meaning and joy in life.

From Our Patients & Their Families

"We cannot begin to express our appreciation for all the warmth, compassion, gentleness and caring which you so patiently and lovingly poured into our mother's life and into ours. You gave us strength and courage... and, yes, even joy... as we walked with her to the end of this life." More...

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