A community offering of "Consider the Conversation: A Documentary on a Taboo Subject" 

End-of-life conversations are important to have whether you’re 18, 45 or 80—one thing we all learn about life is that we need to expect the unexpected.

Consider the Conversation: A Documentary on a Taboo Subject does not seek to hand down answers. Rather, it provides something far more important—the questions all of us need to contemplate. The producers have three goals for this film: 1) to change the current American attitude from one that predominantly views end-of-life as a failed medical event to one that sees it as a normal process rich in opportunity for human development, 2) to inspire dialogue between patient and doctor, husband and wife, parent and child, minister and parishioner, and 3) to encourage medical professionals, healthcare organizations and clergy to take the lead in counseling others.

Consider the Conversation is a powerful and inspiring 60-minute documentary examining multiple perspectives on end-of-life conversations and care. This thought provoking film includes intimate accounts from patients, family members, doctors, nurses, clergy, social workers and national experts.

In keeping with our mission to provide compassion, care and comfort through end of life, and our strong belief that education is central to improving the way we die, Hospice of Southern Maine is proud to offer free screenings of this important documentary to the community. Each screening will be followed by a facilitated 60-minute discussion to address comments/questions about the documentary, Advance Care Planning, and other End-of-Life related issues.

If you are interested is bringing Consider the Conversation to your community, please contact our Bereavement Services team at (207) 289-3640, or email at bereavement@hospiceofsouthernmaine.org. We look forward to the opportunity of sharing this important documentary with you.