Ensuring Quality Care Through Constant Feedback and Training

At Hospice of Southern Maine we realize that the quality of our service is judged solely on the quality of our care in the eyes of our patients, their families and the community at large. To ensure only the finest care for our patients, we’ve taken the following measures:

  • Individualized care plans based on each patient's needs.
  • Foster a continuous performance improvement environment with an extensive Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Program with several areas of focus specific to end-of-life services.
  • Performance is reviewed on a regular basis by a board of community members, including physicians and other healthcare providers.
  • Survey customers (families, physicians, hospitals, nursing homes) on a regular basis regarding services provided and then utilize their feedback to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Employ staff members who are qualified and able to provide and support the best end of life care possible.
  • Require and provide ongoing staff education and training.

From Our Patients & Their Families

"We cannot begin to express our appreciation for all the warmth, compassion, gentleness and caring which you so patiently and lovingly poured into our mother's life and into ours. You gave us strength and courage... and, yes, even joy... as we walked with her to the end of this life." More...