From Our Patients and Their Families

A Genuine Thank You...What Hospice is All About

Dick Coughlin flew in from Alaska to spend the last month of his life with his family. Reunited with his sons and loved ones he hadn't seen in years, Dick and his family had the 'gift' of time together and the opportunity to find individual peace in the dying process. Below is a note HSM received from his son.

“Forgive me for what follows - it is going to sound very general but - smiling - you are the only email address at hospice that I have... So - I hope that you read this quite personally - I am hoping that every person you share this with reads this in the same manner... I just don't know how to send an individual letter to each person...(but wish I could).

Yesterday was my birthday...Christmas day - the first one I have ever had without my Dad and I find myself needing to thank you - every last person, directly, or indirectly that helped with my Father. I find myself thinking about the other families that you have touched throughout the year - every year - every day, and will never be able to truly put into words the gift that you gave to me, my Mother, my Brother - everyone that knew him.

There is such a wonderful difference in all of you - different personalities, different chemistry - talking on the phone, walking through the door on a scheduled (or unscheduled) visit, senses of humor... but an absolute common thread stitches you all together... Each and every one of you - your level of commitment, selflessness, compassion and understanding is something that I will never underestimate...or forget.

I know that the Holidays must be an exceptionally hard time of the year for a lot of the Families you know, but I hope all of you read this and take it to heart - as all of you are truly a gift to me...The best Christmas present I will ever get, is knowing that someone I love is in a better place - no pain - no peace... and I hope you know how much of an impact you had on all of us.

The gift I so very much hope you receive - every single time - is [the knowledge of] how significant each and every one of you [is] to someone like myself...

Thank you so very much for being who and what you are,
Rob Coughlin

Dear Hospice of Southern Maine,

"Thank you all so much for your wonderful support and care that you gave my husband in his last months[time] here.

A special thanks for letting us do it our way. I had wished that he could have died at home but it just didn't work out.

You are special people and I thank you.”

Sincerely, Home & Hospice House Patient's Family

Dear Hospice of Southern Maine,

“Thank you for all your dedication in helping my sister during her end-of-life battle.

Your kindness, compassion and comforting care were a blessing (for her) and for all of us. It was so comforting to know she was no longer suffering in pain.

You are all truly "Angels of Mercy". We can't thank all of you enough!”

Sincerely, Home Program Patient's Family

Dear Hospice of Southern Maine,

“We would like to commend your hospice team for their incredible work during the death of our mother and grandmother.

We were so pleased by the constant communication that obviously went on between staff members, by the help that we received when we called the office and by the ease with which everything was accomplished.

Most of all we think you must have the most amazing and nurturing staff of any hospice, anywhere.

Over the eight days that she actively died, we all took a journey. Your hospice made it possible that our journey was a good one, full of love and laughter as well as sadness.”

Sincerely, Home Program Patient's Family

Dear Hospice of Southern Maine,

“Your emotional and spiritual support, compassion and love deeply touched my family.  I don't know how to thank've helped me in immeasurable ways.”

Bereavement Support Group Participant

Dear Hospice of Southern Maine,

“Thank you for the B.O.A.T.I.N.G. training you offered our staff. Everyone greatly appreciated your efforts to educate providers on the importance of hospice. We each took away a great deal that will help us with our work.”

Social Worker, Long Term Care Facility

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