Prerequisites for Employment


  • Chosen applicants will normally interview with at least two individuals.
  • Employment offers are made contingent upon receipt of the following:
  • Favorable background investigation, including:
    • Criminal record in the applicant's most recent counties of residence
    • Social Security Verification
    • Verification of highest level of educational degree, if required for the position
    • Favorable Medicare and Maine Care Sanction/Exclusion list check
  • Proof of current professional licensure, certification or other training as required for the position
  • Proof of eligibility to work in the United States (I-9 form must be completed with proper supporting documentation before or on the first day of employment)
  • Acceptable Motor Vehicle Record report from current state of residence (most positions):
    • No more than three moving violations in three years
    • No more than one chargeable accident in three years
    • No license suspensions or revocations within the past seven years
    • No driving-under-the-influence conviction
    • No leaving-the-scene-of-an-accident conviction
    • No failure-to-report-an-accident conviction
    • No incidents-involving-death conviction
  • Copy of valid driver's license issued by the state in which he/she is a legal resident (most positions)
  • Proof of current auto insurance coverage with State of Maine minimum liability limit (most positions)
  • Copy of current vehicle registration (most positions)
  • Documentation of positive work references from a minimum of two (2) professional references, when possible
  • Proof of current professional licensure, certification, or other training, as required for the position
  • Proof of immunizations (tests and immunizations will be provided through HSM if necessary):
    • Baseline TB test before employment begins, unless documentation of negative test within previous 12 months received; additional testing may be required annually or more frequently as the agency deems necessary
    • Proof of immunization or documented immunity for Hepatitis B, or signed declination statement
    • Proof of immunization or documented immunity for MMR for those born after 1957, and
    • Proof of immunization or documented immunity for Varicella
    • Proof of seasonal influenza vaccine or documented medical exemption, and
    • Effective 10/1/21, proof of COVID-19 vaccine (fully vaccinated) or documented medical exemption.
  • Documentation of negative substance abuse testing. Testing is conducted under a separate “Applicant Substance Abuse Testing” policy


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