Hear From Our Employees

"I love my work and look forward to coming in each day. I love working for HSM. It's a great place to do what you are good at."

-Rachel Krawczyk, Social Worker

"People who are attracted to Hospice work have done a lot of thinking about their lives and why they are on this earth. I can have a conversation of substance with every single person who works here and I love that."

-Meg Nobel, Staff Development Coordinator

"What a gift to work here at the House. It's a privilege and an honor to be able to be present as our patients transition. I love working with such compassionate and dedicated staff."

-Jean T. Sequeira, Home Health Aide

Comments From HSM’s Employee Satisfaction Survey:

  • “We have a world class staff here.”
  • “I love my job, and the people are wonderful.”
  • “I know I am working with the best, most wonderful people on earth.”

From Our Patients & Their Families

"Her support during Dad's illness extended to the entire family. The social worker... was thoughtful and caring. Her questions were probing yet gentle, ensuring we thought about the days to come and how we might work through the unfolding events relative to Dad's passing." More...