CNA Tuition Reimbursement Program: Opening Pathways for Maine's Healthcare Workforce


The demand for hospice care is growing. To meet the demand our capacity must expand as well. Hospice of Southern Maine (HSM) is excited to announce this CNA tuition reimbursement program to meet a critical need for healthcare workers in our region. Interested in learning more? Please call or email HR at (207) 289-3660 or

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the program, candidates must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older, have proof of high school graduation or equivalency, and be a US citizen or have work authorization.
  • Submit a completed application prior to completion of course.

To maintain eligibility for the program and employment, candidates must meet the above criteria and:

  • Complete an interview at Hospice of Southern Maine
  • Have the availability to fill a current open position at Hospice of Southern Maine
  • Complete a shadow experience at Hospice of Southern Maine
  • Successfully pass prerequisites for HSM employment
  • Successfully pass the CNA course and exam and receive a Maine CNA Certification resulting in an active status on the Maine CNA Registry

Reimbursement Costs 

Eligible reimbursement costs include tuition, lab fees, and required books. Items not eligible include, but are not limited to, tools and supplies that may aid the applicant with the course, but which are not specifically required (e.g., computer hardware, software, calculators, instructional tapes), parking fees, room & board, or other optional expenses.


  1. Applicant must complete the CNA Program Application and HSM Employment Application. 
  2. The applicant will interview with the hiring manager and HR. 
  3. If it is agreed that the interview is successful, the applicant will complete a shadow experience at HSM. 
  4. If the applicant continues to be interested post shadow, HR will accept them into the program contingent on successful completion of HSM’s prerequisites for employment. 
  5. After successful completion of all prerequisites, a formal offer of temporary employment will be made and, if accepted, payment will be made directly to the CNA program.
  6. The employee will submit their weekly course and clinical hours of work to HR at a rate determined by the agency to be paid with HSMs regular payroll schedule.

Upon successful completion of the above requirements and approved Maine CNA program, and status on the Maine CNA registry is active, the employee will begin regular employment and complete HSM’s new employee orientation program. The employees rate of pay will increase to the current entry level Hospice Aide pay rate. 


Accepted applicants must be willing to commit to a minimum of one year of employment at HSM following successful completion of the CNA program. Employment will be contingent on consistent and ongoing satisfactory work performance. 

Application Instructions 


If you have questions, please contact HSM’s Human Resources department at (207) 289-3660 or