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"The Non-Clinical Side of Hospice Work" by Stephanie Hutchins, HSM Human Resources Generalist

As a Human Resources professional, I never really thought about someone’s needs at the end of life, the process of dying or what an amazing gift it is for someone to be there to guide them through this stage. Working at Hospice of Southern Maine has opened my eyes to the hospice philosophy. I’ve learned that that the end of life is really a journey just like the rest of life. Everyone’s journey is different and the path taken varies, but what is constant is the need for support, compassion, education and understanding.

My work provides me with great satisfaction. For the first time in my life, I come to work with a sense of purpose knowing that every day people’s lives are being affected in so many ways through our employees' and volunteers' commitment to HSM’s mission of Compassion, Care and Comfort Through End of Life. Everyone plays an integral part in the success of the company whether in an administrative, volunteer or clinical role.

I think the work we do is both challenging and rewarding. I may not work directly with the patients, but I am privileged enough to work with the staff that does, and I can see first-hand how profoundly affected they are by their patients, the families and each of their stories.

By Stephanie Hutchins, HSM Human Resources Generalist



May 31, 2013 - Roxanne Wheeler
You are a vital piece of the hospice puzzle and I thank you for posting this message. It takes a team, remember, to deliver the services of a hospice team.

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