Board of Directors

Paul Wolf, Chair

Melanie Feinberg, Vice Chair

Chris Coon, Treasurer

Heidi N. Hansen, Secretary

Daryl J. Cady, CEO, Ex-Officio

Donna DeBlois

Mark Jones

Laura Madigan-McCown

Edward J. McGeachey, Past Chair

Frank McGinty

Fernando Moreno, MD, Ex-Officio

Patricia Weigel

Nathan Wilson, MD

Mark Wrona, MD


Honorary Director 2021-2023

Annette Gosnell


From Our Patients & Their Families

"Her support during Dad's illness extended to the entire family. The social worker... was thoughtful and caring. Her questions were probing yet gentle, ensuring we thought about the days to come and how we might work through the unfolding events relative to Dad's passing." More...