About Hospice and End of Life

What is Hospice and how is it different from other kinds of health care?

Hospice is care that aims at providing comfort rather than curing a disease process. Hospice is provided to those with a limited life expectancy of 6 months or less. The care is delivered by a team of expertly trained individuals including physicians, nurses, hospice aides, social workers, volunteers, chaplains and bereavement counselors. Hospice provides care for the patient and support for the family. Hospice provides comfort for physical symptoms, such as pain, and for emotional, social and spiritual distress as well.

Does having Hospice mean everyone will give up on me?

Quite the opposite. Hospice clinicians are experts at managing pain and symptoms, keeping the focus on comfort and promoting the patient’s goals, priorities, and quality of life.

Can I keep my own doctor?

Yes. The hospice physicians are available for consultation with your physician if desired, but you can designate the doctor of your choice.

What if I need help, but I’m not ready for Hospice?

You can ask about our Caring Comfort Program. This is a program for people who are not yet ready for hospice but could use some extra support. It also allows people to continue to pursue curative treatments such as chemotherapy.

From Our Patients & Their Families

"Without you we would not have any peace or pleasant memories of our mother's last hours." More...


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